Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Presentation and critique:briefly

So, we had an interesting presentation time on monday.
The final structure of the Helsinki Centre for Transboundary Waters was presented from the poster.
We should have used slides as it seemed that the poster was not visible enough for the audience.but it was original and catchy,everyone was listening when the structure was explained.Then we presented the pilot case with the proposed actions of the Helsinki centre for the pilot case.The group's decision to use a pilot case was proved right here.People are eager to know how the Helsinki centre will deal with real transboundary water cases.It was also interesting to see that there were many questions from the audience.It emphasizes the potential of the centre's idea to gain public attention.It really can be established!
something else...
The questions,comments and critiques were mostly what the group have discussed in advance.But we had no time to answer all of them.
Later I thought that it would have been easier to catch the audience with a petition paper.A paper saying 'I support the establishment of the Helsinki Center...'.I bet everybody would have signed,to be the first one to officially support the idea.
Hoping to hear from HCTW soon!

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