Friday, May 7, 2010

My Outcome Number 1

For me, one of the biggest outcomes of our project was something that I learned about working in a group. I learned, that if one sticks too heavily to his own vision, and get’s irritated about everything and everyone that is trying to hinder the vision to become true, one doesn’t get anywhere in a group work. I had to give up with some of my ideas, and accept some of others' ideas that I wasn’t so excited about in the beginning, but that only enabled our group to proceed. It is important to see where the group can get, with its potential and limitations, and head there, not somewhere inside some individual member’s head.

I think we all learned to compromise and listen to each other better during the course. In our last meeting before the final critique I said: “our group work has improved little by little the whole spring.” I really feel so. And I think that is a real achievement for all of us three.

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